“Jacob was left alone; and a man wrestled with him until daybreak.” (Genesis 32:24) 


The new memoir, WRESTLING WITH GOD, Through Suffering to Grace by Valerie Ann Hart, is an inspiring story of struggle, self-discovery and transformation that is particularly meaningful for our current times. As social distancing leaves us alone we are all wrestling with something, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Six months pregnant with her first child, Valerie Hart’s life is shattered when her husband Ron is hit head-on by a truck. Locked in a co-dependent relationship, she must deal with his lengthy recovery, a disrupted professional career path and the stresses of motherhood  alone. 


More challenges followed, including job loss, grief, brain surgery, a mysterious chronic illness and the ultimate betrayal that brought on a forced cross country move. 


“I want to share my story so that others might see their lives in a new way by knowing that what I’ve struggled with has become a source of blessing,” says the author about her reason writing the book. “This may be the perfect time for a story that acknowledges personal pain, to remind us that we are not alone, and lift up the hope of moving forward, even if we walk with a limp.”

Valerie Ann Hart’s poignant memoir is an inspirational journey of redemption. After heartbreak, hopelessness and a crushing betrayal, she finds a hidden strength and her true calling.

Paula Shaffer, author of The Absent Mother

Valerie’s story takes us with her on a life-affirming journey as she bravely encounters one obstacle after another to face them head on. From page one we are caught up in the adventures of her life.

Elaine Scott, author of A Walk Away from Anger and Dreams No One Can Steal

It takes courage, time, and effort  to turn one's personal trials and awakenings from inward examination to outward display in a memoir that isn't maudlin or sensationalist.  Nor is this book something Dr. Hart whipped up on a whim to satisfy ego or to self-indulge. Her ability to articulate in such artful form the narrative of her life's heart-breaks and achievements draws the reader in immediately. Right from page one. Then, you wonder with every turn of the page how she's going to navigate the next painful or triumphant  moments. All the while,she reminds us that there's always a greater force at work. WRESTLING WITH GOD is a testimony and a testament ----a sacrament really----of her God 's subtle, compelling whispers to surrender and trust! And because she does, her vulnerability and transparency in the telling becomes the reader's blessing. (Betsy P. Skinner, M.Div., author of ALL GOD'S CHILDREN).  

"Wrestling With God made me see myself in the struggle to find my own sense of self the way Valerie did. Her words and raw emotion brought me into her world, a world reflected in the experiences of women past and present, everywhere. This is an unvarnished story of finding strength when strength has ebbed to its lowest point, time and time again. It was hard to crawl back out of the pages of this book-I didn't want to let it go." Christine Speer


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